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Beer Brewery Machine


Purpose of malting is to make stench molecule accessible for breakdown to fermuratable sugars & Maximise the level & enzymes. Starch granules is covered by cell walls. In other words to get the starch, you first need to breakdown both to cell walls & Protein matrix in order to reach the starch. The Malting process controls these actions & if also produce enzymes responsible for breaking down the starch into sugars.

Distillation Process



  • First goal of distillation :- alcohol concentration

  • Stripping Run aims to concentrate alcohol.

  • Fast and dirty Run

  • Bring the base beer or wine from 8 -10% to 30-40%.

  • Result -> low wines

  • A rough Semi finished product is need for future refinement.



Goal -> To separate cutting  out the alcohol.

Heads, hearts, & Tails.

  • Not all alcohols are created equal.

  • Good alcohol ‘Ethanol’ boils at 78.3°c.

  • Acetone (56°c); Metnanol (65°c) Ethyl Acetate (77°c).

  • propanol (97°c); Butanol (118°c); furfural (170°c).

  • Acetone + Methonal + Ethyl = LBP Acetate = Heads

  • Propanol + Butanol + furfural = HBP Tails.

  • Like with water & alcohol mixtures light fractions come over first.



  • Second goal of distillation : Alcohol separation.

  • Finishing Run teams to separate alcohols.

  • Slow and clean run.

  • Make cals.

  • Brings the 30-40% low wines to 65-96%.

  • Result:- Spirit.

  • A refined product sometimes in need of further aging.

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