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Whiskey Glass Up Close


VKM Liquor use best Quality malts which are sourced from the Scotland. we try to keep our Blended Scotch as natural as possible. Our Aim is to keep giving wonderful blends to the world. This is a Family Legacy of VKM Liquor.


Purpose of malting is to make stench molecule accessible for breakdown to fermuratable sugars & Maximise the level & enzymes. Starch granules is covered by cell walls.  Know more


Density of unfermented liquors is almost entirely due to sugar content. We can use number of saccarometus to measure Gravity alcohol is significant uses dense than water. Know more


Understanding barrels :- Barrel aging is important for whisky rum brandy.

  • Heads aging :- heads aging via barrel ‘breathing’

  • The angels share’s (barrel evaporation) introduce more O2

     Know more


First step in the Mashing process involves mixing the milled grain with temperature controlled water. Amount of water added will determine the mash consistency known as “Liquor to Grist ratio” Know more


  • first goal of distillation :- alcohol concentration

  • Stripping Run aims to concentrate alcohol.

  • Fast and dirty Run

  • Bring the base beer or wine from 8 -10% to 30-40%. Know more


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