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Whiskey Glass Up Close

Maturation Process



Barrel aging is important for whisky rum brandy.

  • Heads aging :- heads aging via barrel ‘breathing’

  • The angels share’s (barrel evaporation) introduce more O2

  • Tails aging:- tails aging via time induced recombination.

  • Wood:- new molecules from the wood (vanillins, tannins)

  • Lead to new taste & new recombination.

What happens inside a barrel?

Three process:-

  1. Oxidation

  2. Recombination

  3. Wood flavour

New make Spirit has rough hat get & Tails cut. Hatzy Snacaring that goes into the barrel need oxidation in order to marrow out.

Now tails Molecules recombines spirit usually better in flavour.

Spirit evaporates 3-3.5% – 9-10% (India) per year.  & more & more O2 is introduced inside a barrel.

If you have a spirit in a barrel Hatsy factor is removed  & if you are in Hot temperature like 40 to 45 Celsius than recombination plays a great Role ( more reaction take place).More testing a whisky or rum will become (3 years Max)

Note-: If you have a whisky in a barrel for 15 years how many hats you have in the beginning it won’t be there in there as it would have been oxidised  in 6 to 7 years.

Slots finish their products in ‘Sherry cook’ or ‘Wine’ cask because it add some heads to their whisky as ‘sherry’ & ‘port’ adds some fruity flavour.

Two flavour come out of wood:-

  1. Vallins ( sweet & fruits) -> hat cut

  2. Tannis (strong/ haish ) -> tails cut.

Tree: Fast growing species of tree ( eg American white oak) have lot of white space in between. These trees are rich in Vanelins (Bourbon Industry)

For more complex styles; if you want more tannins; more rooty, earthy experience  focus on tannins -> French Oak Limosine,

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