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Image by Svetlana Gumerova


Specific gravity = Density of process Liquid / Density of water

Density of unfermented liquors is almost entirely due to sugar content. We can use number of saccarometus to measure Gravity alcohol is significant uses dense than water.

Following stoichiometric equation show the action of ycost on glucose to use alcohol.

C6 H12 O6 -> 2 C2 H5 O4 + 2 CO2 + HEAT + ENZYMES.

This is exothermic reaction is releases energy.

Note: Maximum temperature during fermentation does not exceed 35 Celsius as yeast is killed at this fire temperature.

Lower inoculation rate (pitching rate) all used in a winery where fermentation can take around 14 days. Higher inoculation rates are likely to be used in whisky fermentation where fermentation time may last only around 48 hours. Generally higher rates of inoculation lead the faster fomentation. Aerobic fermentation other flavor compounds such as higher alcohol like amyl alcohol are produced as by product of yeast growth.

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