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DOT Whisky Price in Punjab & Delhi

Whisky enthusiasts, both seasoned and beginner, often find themselves embarking on a journey to explore the vast world of whisky brands and varieties. Amidst the numerous choices available, DOT Whisky stands out as a distinguished option for those seeking quality and flavor. However, the question that often arises is: What is the price of DOT Whisky in cities like Gurgaon and Delhi? In this blog, we will uncover the DOT Whisky price in these bustling urban centers.

Understanding DOT Whisky

Before diving into the price dynamics, let’s take a moment to appreciate what sets DOT Whisky apart. Crafted with precision and passion, DOT Whisky, short for Drink of Togetherness, embodies the rich heritage and artistry of whisky-making. Symbolizing the founder Mr. Vishal Kamboj’s magical blend created using Indian & Scottish malts, this drink captures the essence of togetherness. With characteristics of oak and vanillin, it boasts natural notes and a smooth texture derived from maturation in American oak barrels. Its smoothness, complexity of flavors, and distinctive character have earned it a loyal following.

DOT Whisky Price in Delhi

As the capital city of India, Delhi offers a diverse landscape of whisky consumption. From upscale bars to neighborhood liquor stores, the availability of DOT Whisky, considered as one of the top Indian whisky brands is widespread. Here, the price of DOT Whisky changes based on the bottle size:

- 750ml bottle costs INR 490

- 375ml bottle costs INR 245

- 180ml bottle costs INR 125

Crafted using top-quality ingredients, this whisky is priced affordably so that people from all backgrounds can enjoy it.

DOT Whisky Price in Punjab

Whisky is a popular drink in Punjab, with many brands and types available to suit different tastes and budgets. Recently, the state government updated its excise policy to match liquor prices with those in neighboring states, aiming to fix economic imbalances and increase competitiveness. DOT Whisky is considered one of the best brands for whisky due to its remarkable affordability. It offers a price list that is accessible to everyone who enjoys whisky in Punjab. The price varies with the bottle size and is as follows:

- 750ml bottle costs INR 550

- 375ml bottle costs INR 280

- 180ml bottle costs INR 150

Factors Influencing Price Discrepancies

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation in DOT Whisky prices between Punjab and Delhi:

1. Taxes and Duties: The taxation policies imposed by state governments can significantly impact the final retail price of alcoholic beverages. Variations in excise duties and other levies may lead to price variations between different regions.

2. Distribution Channels: The distribution network plays a crucial role in determining the cost of whisky. Factors such as transportation costs, wholesale markups, and retailer margins can influence the final retail price.

3. Demand and Supply Dynamics: Market demand and supply dynamics can exert pressure on prices. High demand coupled with limited supply may lead to higher prices, especially in regions with a strong whisky culture.

4. Seasonal Factors: Seasonal fluctuations in demand, such as festive seasons or special occasions, can affect pricing strategies adopted by retailers and distributors.

In conclusion, the DOT Whisky price in Gurgaon and Delhi reflects a delicate interplay of various factors, including taxes, distribution channels, demand-supply dynamics, and seasonal influences. While the average price range remains consistent between these cities, minor discrepancies may arise due to local market conditions. Whether you’re a whisky aficionado or a casual enthusiast, understanding these nuances can enhance your whisky-buying experience, ensuring that you savor every sip of DOT Whisky with delight.

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